Changing At-Home Workouts Forever

TAGALONG Pro James Hotson after an open water swim workout with user

The interactive at-home fitness world has been rapidly evolving over the past few years in an incredibly exciting way. Strava led the industry by getting runners and cyclists to record their workouts and share them online within the athletic community. Peloton then revolutionized indoor cycling with a bike that not only made spinning at-home more engaging but also access to more users than ever. And most recently, Hydrow took live fitness workouts a step further and created an experience like no other to bring the beauty of rowing outside into the home.

But among these fast-tracked connected fitness companies, one thing has been missing: a combination of real-time feedback, motivation, and accountability.

The solution: TAGALONG.

TAGALONG is a fitness platform that enables amateur athletes of all backgrounds and abilities to connect and train with professional athletes. Tagalong Pros have spent the majority of their life perfecting the strategies, movements, and techniques of their sport to maximize their fitness and athletic performances. That’s also why they’re the best training partners: they can help you get the most out of your workouts utilizing your own equipment at home.

TAGALONG Pro Isabel King going over workout with user

As a direct result of recent COVID shutdowns, many gyms have had to file for bankruptcy with slim hope of re-opening including 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and Town Sports International (the parent company of New York Sports Clubs). The future of working out at a gym with a personal trainer for motivation is uncertain. Even with a vaccine and heightened safety precautions, the future gym experience will be very different than what it has been. Convenience and accessibility will outweigh finding a coach or trainer at a gym.

Gym closures have fueled an unprecedented spike in the purchase of at-home fitness machines and the numbers continue to grow. Although having in-home gym equipment is quite common, many people fail to use their machines simply because they lack motivation. They buy an expensive interactive treadmill, spin bike, or rowing machine thinking it’s the tool that will finally get them moving. Then it sits there, unused and accruing monthly subscription fees, awaiting further gamification from the companies to draw them back in.

TAGALONG can help solve your fitness challenges.

Start using your home fitness equipment to get real results in a way that’s fun and personalized to your needs. A quick consultation call allows Tagalong to assess your fitness goals, any restrictions or concerns you may have, and customize your plan around the equipment you have. A Pro best suited to help achieve your goals will work with you throughout your journey. TAGALONG Pros help tie it all together — what equipment to use, which specific workouts to do on what days, what splits or benchmarks you should hit, as well as when to rest and when to push. They can even conduct live virtual training sessions to help with your form and technique and workout alongside you.

At TAGALONG, we help to connect people to work out together and improve on all facets of their fitness or athletic goals. We recognize that humans constantly want to evolve. Once you’ve spent enough time on your bike, treadmill, or rowing machine, you start wanting more: to get better, faster, stronger; to be motivated and held accountable, on your own schedule. Who better to help you than some of the best athletes in the world? Get the most out of your equipment while being guided by the best! TAGALONG!

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