James Hibbard riding in California

James Hibbard still remembers the moment he was told that his corneas had become so diseased that in order to recover functional eyesight, he would need to undergo corneal transplants in both of his eyes. A former Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Professional Road Cyclist, Hibbard was diagnosed with Keratoconus — a hereditary eye disease characterized by the thinning of the cornea which in severe cases is not correctable with either glasses or contact lenses. This diagnosis was life-altering yet has helped mold Hibbard into the introspective individual he is today. From his literary career to his work as a cycling…

Nick Karwoski is a man of many talents. A former USA National Triathlete, the CEO of TAGALONG- a fitness app that connects athletes to improve together and an Athlete and Operations Lead for the Live Outdoor Rowing Company Hydrow, Karwoski has achieved many athletic and entrepreneurial successes. However, a car accident in October 2016 temporarily changed the ‘pace’ of Karwoski’s life. He discovered a dangerous heart condition that could be fatal if untreated. February marks Heart Health Awareness Month and today Karwoski shares his story to highlight the importance of active living for cardiovascular health.

Nick Karwoski rehydrating between Hydrow episodes

Where it all began


Christine Cavallo training in the single scull in Craftsbury, Vermont — by Jenn Forbes

It’s all about the journey for Christine Cavallo. A 2021 Olympic hopeful, Cavallo has dedicated the last nine years of her life to rowing. However, her road to Tokyo started much before she fell in love with the sport. A well-rounded individual, Cavallo’s passion and commitment to both academic and athletic excellence led her to find her true passion in rowing. And as they say — the rest is history.

Patience & Perseverance

A native of Windemere, FL Cavallo grew up a gymnast, a soccer player and academically driven. At a young age, she developed Sever’s Disease (also known as…

TAGALONG Pro James Hotson after an open water swim workout with user

The interactive at-home fitness world has been rapidly evolving over the past few years in an incredibly exciting way. Strava led the industry by getting runners and cyclists to record their workouts and share them online within the athletic community. Peloton then revolutionized indoor cycling with a bike that not only made spinning at-home more engaging but also access to more users than ever. And most recently, Hydrow took live fitness workouts a step further and created an experience like no other to bring the beauty of rowing outside into the home.

But among these fast-tracked connected fitness companies, one…

Kate Rye — TAGALONG Pro

I remember the accident — vividly. From the sound of the truck slamming into my defenseless body to the thoughts racing through my head as I lay motionless on the sun-scorched pavement, I remember every single detail.

Hill repeats were my workout plan for the afternoon. At the top of the hill after my first climb, my muscles were already screaming in rebellion. I turned around and began coasting downhill. I contemplated whether or not I should finish the workout, even though I knew in the back of my mind I’d keep going. Really, I was making the pain worse…

What happens when sports change into something we have never seen before…

Imagine being a high school athlete in 2020. School and sports are everything at this point in your life. You’re supposed to be living your best childhood years while on a journey to improve every day, grow into the person you want to be and even get recruited to compete at the university of your dreams.

But that’s no longer the playbook you can follow. Like the rest of the country, you’re urged to remain inside your house, with an increasing amount of uncertainty around the next school…

If you’re an endurance sport athlete, you know that one hour’s work is as short as it gets, and when you combine three sports into one like triathlon, that training time exponentially goes up. In those long hours, for most of us, alone, we think a lot whether it’s about food, rest, racing or problems worth solving. That’s where retired pro triathlete Nick Karwoski found a solution he named TAGALONG.

“I wanted to combine my passion for meeting new people with similar interests while doing something that I love to do.”

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what is beneath the surface when you meet someone new or just pass someone on the street? Asking how did they get to where they are now? Or what have they accomplished? For most athletes, there is no fame attached, no one but a select few people have any idea of the work, sweat and tears have been put into a very niche activity for a specific amount of time.

“Sometimes I didn’t look at the big picture or look far enough ahead or set high enough goals, instant gratification got the better of…


Where Athletes Connect to Improve Together

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